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NEWS||Vancouver Fetish Weekend

Vancouver Fetish

Vancouver Fetish Weekend has emerged from an enthusiastic local scene where inclusivity is the byword, says Ian Dutton... Read more
NEWS||Dominatrix Nov 2014

Dominatrix Nov ’14

This Dutch event sees its best ever international line-up of Miss Fetish Europe/Best Up & Coming Model contestants and shows... Read more

NEWS||Rubber Cult May

Rubber Cult 2014

We report on the early summer warmth at May’s Rubber Cult, and preview RC’s last event of 2014 on September 27... Read more
NEWS||Le Boutique Bazaar

Le Boutique Bazaar

A carefully curated collection of alt/fetish clothing and accessory designers, all under one roof, comes to London... Read more

NEWS||TG Birthday 2014

TG Birthday 2014

Promising to make up for last year’s so-so event, Torture Garden gave Masuimi Max three spots at May’s Birthday Ball... Read more
NEWS||TG Electrowerkz April/July

TG at Electrowerkz

As TG returns to Electrowerkz for its July Ball, we preview it and report on TG’s last full-scale Electrowerkz party... Read more

NEWS||Bestiarum 3, Zagreb

Bestiarum, Zagreb

Croatia’s promising new fetish fest returns to Zagreb for its third annual outing in early July — and we’ll be there... Read more
NEWS||Wasteland’s 20th year

Wasteland’s 20th

Photographer Gary White makes a happy re-acquaintance with Wasteland party style on the eve of its 20th birthday year... Read more

NEWS||GFB Weekend 2014

GFB Weekend 2014

After years of minimal British support for the GFB, June’s Berlin weekend hosts no less than seven UK latex designers... Read more
NEWS||Dominatrix March 2014

Dominatrix Mar ’14

First part of our photo-report from the March edition of Dominatrix, which feels more like a big family gathering every time... Read more

NEWS||Torture Garden 13/14

TG in 2013 and ’14

Torture Garden’s annual review presents its own evaluation of the previous partying year and reveals its plans for 2014... Read more
NEWS||Bommi backstage

Bommi backstage

The Dominatrix parties give a few photographers like Bommi an unrivalled opportunity to shoot in the dressing room... Read more

NEWS||Rubber Cult Dec 2013

Rubber Cult ‘tour’

Before returning to Shillibeers in February, Rubber Cult spent much of 2013 at various temporary City of London venues... Read more
NEWS||Dominatrix March 2014

Dominatrix March

Our preview of this March’s event also features a report and pictures from the last Dominatrix weekend held in November... Read more

NEWS||German Fetish Film Festival

German Fetish Film

On four February nights, London’s Flying Dutchman hosts its German Fetish Film Festival drawn from November’s Kiel event... Read more
NEWS||Berlin 2013 Pt2

Berlin 2013 Pt2

The German Fetish Ball’s second year back in its traditional home was everything Dave ‘Master Darcy’ Edmond hoped for... Read more

NEWS||Dominatrix November 2013

Dominatrix Nov ’13

November’s Dominatrix has a big House of Harlot show, Dawnamatrix European debut, plus Miss Fetish Europe awards... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Factory 18

Fetish Factory 18

Fetish Factory celebrates its 18th birthday with a weekend of kinky clubbing and poolside fun at its exclusive host hotel... Read more

NEWS||September parties

September parties

London’s new season makes a strong start with Torture Garden and Rubber Cult, then London Fetish Weekend... Read more
NEWS||Berlin 2013 part 1

Berlin 2013 Pt1

Our first in-depth reports from the GFB Weekend are by Irresistible Iris and Heidi Patterson — with pictures from Fetish Guerilla ... Read more

NEWS||Bound in Washington

Bound, Washington

Described as “DC’s fetish dance party”, monthly kink night Bound is a new entry to these pages c/o mistress Julie Simone... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Evolution 2013

Fetish Evo 2013

Our mega-report from Fetish Evolution’s 10th Anniversary, with 300+ images in 14 galleries and more still to come... Read more

NEWS||Bestiarum, Zagreb

Bestiarum, Zagreb

Second Bestiarum in June could establish Croatia as new summer destination for international fetish partying... Read more
NEWS||Dominatrix, March 2013

Dominatrix Mar ’13

Dominatrix reconvened at its new venue outside Amsterdam in March for another night of deviant dining and pervy partying... Read more

NEWS||Berlin 2013 guide

The best of Berlin

Attending the German Fetish Ball in Berlin and wondering what else to do while there? Let Dave Darcy Edmond be your guide... Read more
NEWS||TG Feb + May 2013

TG Feb + May 2013

We combine a belated report on TG’s Valentine’s Ball with a timely look at what’s lined up for its May Birthday Weekend... Read more

NEWS||GFB Berlin 2013

GFB Berlin 2013

German Fetish Ball Weekend’s 10th Birthday Berlin plans include new Ball and Fair venues and the return of Fetish Guerilla... Read more
NEWS||Rubber Bastard

Rubber Bastard

Mistress Tokyo reveals the recipe for successful Aussie latex parties cooked up by the Rubber Bastard Association’s founders... Read more

NEWS||Fetish Evo 2013

Fetish Evo 2013

Fetish Evolution celebrates ten years’ partying in Essen this Easter with a programme that reinstates a popular earlier venue... Read more
NEWS||Dominatrix March 2013

Dominatrix March

After November’s party boosted Dominatrix’s cred as an internat- ional event, we see what’s on the menu for March... Read more

NEWS||Rubber Cult II

Rubber Cult II

New galleries added to report on London’s second rubber-only night with likes of Atsuko Kudo, Robin Archer and Kim West... Read more
NEWS||TG Not NYE 2012

TG’s Not New Year

We find holding its New Year’s Eve party 24 hours early worked for Torture Garden, and preview its 2013 event schedule... Read more

NEWS||Traum-Kino in London

London Traum-Kino

London pervs have a chance this month to see five of the winning short films from Germany’s recent Fetisch Film Festival... Read more
NEWS||The Gate December

Gate December

The Gate’s last date of 2012 could have been a quiet one, but it was full of Christmas cheer with play and socialising aplenty... Read more

NEWS||TG Edinburgh

TG Edinburgh Dec

Heidi Patterson has just enjoyed a second serving of TG in Edinburgh, even finding time to research some tourist tips for us... Read more
NEWS||Wasteland Nov 2012

Wasteland Nov ’12

Irresistible Iris braves the crowds to enjoy the vibe and watch shows headlined by Bizarre Design’s 25th birthday extravaganza... Read more

NEWS||Dominatrix party + awards

Dominatrix rising

On the strength of its November showing, Dominatrix is an event destined for great things on the European party scene... Read more
NEWS||Mistress Manita’s Showboat

Manita’s Showboat

Mistress Manita’s Showboat parties near Amsterdam combine fetish dresscode rules and pervy play to unique effect... Read more

NEWS||EuroPerve Resurrection

EuroPerve returns

Hosted by DeMask, EuroPerve Resurrection proved there’s still a place for serious fetish parties in Amsterdam... Read more
NEWS||Rubber Cult Birth

Rubber Cult Birth

The first London fetish club with a rubber-only dresscode, Rubber Cult enjoyed a pain-free birth in London last month... Read more

NEWS||TG at Electrowerkz

TG at Electrowerkz

Whatever your reasons for heading up to Torrens Street in September, TG at Electrowerks was a night to remember... Read more
NEWS||Berlin 2012 3rd Report

Berlin ’12 Report 3

Returning to its spiritual Berlin home and collaborating with local businesses has revitalised the German Fetish Ball... Read more

NEWS||Dominatrix party

Dominatrix party

Brigitte More’s Dominatrix party/ dinner near Amsterdam also hosts Miss Fetish Europe and Best Up+ Coming Model awards... Read more
NEWS||Xplore festival

Xplore Festival ’12

Xplore Festival examines the intersection between body arts and creative sexuality. Mistress Tokyo offers an insider view... Read more

NEWS||TG Exposed

TG ’togs exposed

This week’s photography exhibition at the Flying Dutchman not only gives five of TG’s longest serving ’togs a nice show... Read more
NEWS||TG at Electrowerkz

TG at Electrowerkz

Torture Garden returns to its much-loved venue of the 1990s, Electrowerkz, long famous as the home of Slimelight ... Read more

NEWS||EuroPerve Resurrection

EuroPerve returns

Amsterdam’s Europerve, which sowed the seeds for Europe’s international fetish party scene, returns in September... Read more
NEWS||Berlin 2012 2nd Report

Berlin ’12 Report 2

Heidi Patterson is glad she found time for locally promoted Berlin events like the Fetish Network party at KitKatClub... Read more

NEWS||Berlin 2012 1st report

Berlin ’12 Report 1

In our first Berlin report: why the returning GFB, the locally-run BFW and the city itself were a winning combo at Whitsun... Read more
NEWS||TG Edinburgh

TG Edinburgh

TG’s Edinburgh outing in June showed that Scottish pervs are finally getting what proper fetish partying is all about... Read more

NEWS||Torture Garden’s 21st

Torture Garden 21

Part 2 of our TG Birthday report finds the shows keeping things hot at the Coronet despite wintery weather... Read more
NEWS||AntiChrist 8th Birthday preview

AntiChrist Birthday

Dave Darcy Edmond looks back on AC’s March event and forward to its 8th Birthday party in London at the end of June... Read more

NEWS||Berlin Whitsun update

Berlin Whit update

Our update on the upcoming Fetish Whitsun in Berlin adds new parties, new vendors and a free shoppers’ shuttle bus service... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Evolution 2012

FetishEvolution ’12

After a quiet 2011, this year’s Fetish Evolution was back on form as a prime party/networking event and model-shoot fest... Read more

NEWS||Stockholm Fetish Weekend

Swedish weekend

Sweden’s Dekadance club teams up with other local kinksters to give May’s Stockholm Fetish Weekend international appeal... Read more
NEWS||TG Birthday 2012

TG Birthday 2012

Torture Garden’s Birthday Weekend this month is more special than usual, as it celebrates reaching the ripe old age of 21... Read more


Decadence play

Enthusiastic, exhibitionistic young kinksters help Decadence show the world a bolder and better looking side of BDSM play... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Whitsun in Berlin

Berlin’s Fetish Whit

Fetish Whitsun in Berlin sees the GFB and BFW hosting what could be the city’s biggest and best pervy weekend ever... Read more

NEWS||Imaginarium no2

Imaginarium no2

Return of Imaginarium, launched to bring London’s wildly dressed pervy party people and serious DJ talent together... Read more
NEWS||Kink Bar opens

Kink Bar is open

A new London social/play venue launched last week will open every Wednesday initially and expand if there’s demand ... Read more

NEWS||Fetish Evolution 2012

FetishEvolution ’12

FE offers the chance to dine and party at a historic castle among this year’s attractions, reveals host Miguel Infante... Read more
NEWS||TG Valentines Weekend

TG Valentines chill

Starting its Valentines weekend with a cracking Friday night on HMS President, TG hit a cold weather front on Saturday... Read more

NEWS||Inner Sanctum moves

Inner move + sale

Pictures from Inner Sanctum’s new showroom, opening party and Obsession fashion show as it holds a Valentines’ sale... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Weekenders

Fetish Weekenders

Dave ‘Darcy’ Edmond discusses the factors that make a good fetish weekend and reveals which events do it best for him ... Read more

NEWS||TG 2011/NYE/2012

TG 2011/NYE/2012

With its NYE sell-out, TG ended one of its best years on a high, and now looks forward keenly to a busy 21st birthday year... Read more
NEWS||Fetisch Film Festival

Fetisch Film Fest

At the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel, near Hamburg, transgender themes dominated, winning both in general and special categories... Read more

NEWS||TG Halloween 2011

TG Halloween 2011

Torture Garden’s Halloween double sold out Mass and the Coronet, the latter featuring spectacular fashion from Roadkill Couture... Read more
NEWS||Annual Rubber Awards

Rubber Awards

Club Rub’s 14th Annual Rubber Awards onboard HMS President in mid-October had £2,500 in prizes from big-name donors ... Read more

NEWS||London Fetish Weekend 2011

London Fetish 2011

At last our mega-report from London Fetish Weekend, featuring the views of four writers, and 277 photographs... Read more
NEWS||Flying Dutchman opens

Flying Dutchman

London celebrated the opening in early September of new venue The Flying Dutchman, a fetish-friendly private space in SE5... Read more

NEWS||London Japanese Bondfest

Japanese Bondfest

The third annual London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage starts this Friday September 23 at Resistance Gallery... Read more
NEWS||London Fetish Weekend 2011

London Fetish 2011

This year’s LFW programme has been shuffled, with new partner Pedestal joining stalwarts TG, Subversion and LAM... Read more

NEWS||German Fetish Ball 2011

German Fetish Ball

Five new galleries with 90+ German Fetish Fair and Fetish Decadence images complete our report from Hamburg’s 2nd GFB ... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Factory 16th report

Fetish Factory 16th

Mistress Tokyo gets suited and booted and immerses herself in Florida-style pervy partying at Fetish Factory’s 16th... Read more

NEWS||TG June Boat Party

TG June Boat Party

After providing London with a second boat party in May, TG reboarded HMS President in June for more nautical fun ... Read more
NEWS||Torture Garden 20th

Torture Garden 20

Our report from TG’s 20th birthday weekend in May is updated with three more galleries from Saturday and Sunday parties... Read more

NEWS||Barcelona Fetish Weekend

Barcelona Fetish

The new Barcelona Fetish Weekend didn’t get everything right first time, but its future looks rosy, thinks Roswell Ivory... Read more
NEWS||GFB 2011 preview

German Fetish Ball

On June 1, the GFB reconvenes for a second year in Hamburg. We look at the schedule and the attractions of its new location... Read more

NEWS||FetishEvolution 2011

FetishEvo’11 Part 2

Part 2 of our report from Fetish Evolution adds 75 new pix of shows by FetiWear, Lady Oops, Bondinage and Brigitte More... Read more
NEWS||Twisted Leprechaun

Twisted Lep Fest

In September, Ireland hosts its first major kink convention. Organiser Stella Perversa tells Tony Mitchell why the time is right... Read more

NEWS||TG’s March Ball

TG March updated

Following its final event at SeOne/ Debut, TG gave the upper and lower levels of Mass an alternative look for March’s party... Read more
NEWS||FetishEvolution 2011

FetishEvo update

Our FetishEvolution preview is updated to include fashion show details, changes to performers and 30 new model pix... Read more

NEWS||The Gate returns

The Gate returns

Legendary BDSM night The Gate re-opened in London in February, marking the return of Master Keith to the scene... Read more
NEWS||Fetish weekend dates

Fetish weekends

With nine fetish fests before the end of June, how do you decide which to attend? Consult our pervy weekend round-up... Read more

NEWS||TG Valentines Ball

TG Valentines Ball

The stage set for Torture Garden’s Valentines fashion show by Sian Hoffman provided sgreat heart- shaped photo opps... Read more
NEWS||December Sloth

December Sloth

After its Sloth night in December, we’re waiting to hear where FOS will go next. For now, here’s our take on Sloth’s shows... Read more

NEWS||Devotion III

Devotion III Madrid

Spanish fetish clubbing is enjoying a new lease of life in Madrid thanks to Devotion. We report on the club’s third event... Read more
NEWS||Torture Garden NYE 2010-11

Torture Gdn NYE

TG’s New Year’s Eve Ball at Mass is one of the nights when a well-tried formula really does work to everyone’s advantage... Read more

NEWS||Erotica 2010

Erotica 2010

Dita Von Teese made Erotica cool for a big new female audience, and Torture Garden put on a show with plenty of perv appeal... Read more
NEWS||TG Halloween

TG Halloween

Our report on TG’s extravaganza at Debut has exclusive pictures of the headlining suspension show by LA’s amazing Miss Crash... Read more

NEWS||Rubberluv at FoS/Sloth

Rubberluv at FoS

December Festival of Sins celebrates Sloth and Christmas with shows including our November cover stars Rubberluv... Read more
NEWS||Montreal Fetish Weekend

Montreal Fetish

Montreal Fetish Weekend has matured into an ambitious, inclusive event that survives the occasional rough edge... Read more

NEWS||Buy FoS tickets

Buy FoS tickets!

You can buy tickets for Festival of Sins/Sloth on Dec 11 direct from our site. Advance tickets at £12.50 save £5 on door price... Read more
NEWS||Festival of Sins: Wrath

Fest of Sins: Wrath

With its relaunch at The Den & Centro, Festival of Sins proved it was ready to make the transition to full-scale club night... Read more

NEWS||London Fetish Weekend

London Fetish Wkd

MissFuzzyBunny found coming from Denmark for LFW worthwhile for its great parties hosted by Subversion and Torture Garden... Read more
NEWS||London Tattoo Convention

London Tattoo Con

We dip into another area of alternative culture at the Tattoo Convention, with performance artist Yusura Hime... Read more

NEWS||Bal des Supplices

Bal des Supplices

Lyon, in southern France, is the location for one of the country’s best annual fetish parties, now in its sixth year... Read more
NEWS||Latexpo report

Latexpo report

New Hamburg weekend Latexpo made its mark with a media-savvy presentation of fetish fashion in classy catwalk shows... Read more

NEWS||Festival of Sins relaunch

FoS launch at Den

The October relaunch of Festival of Sins at The Den in central London puts it on a par with the capital’s biggest players... Read more
NEWS||FrightFest 2010

FrightFest 2010

If your taste for kink is matched by a love of scary movies, the 11th FrightFest at the end of August is an event not to miss... Read more

NEWS||Hamburg Latexpo 2010

Latexpo Hamburg

We look at what’s being planned to lure fans of latex fashion and lifestyle to this new three-day weekend in August... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Factory 15th

Fetish Factory 15th

Photographer Richard Knightly turns reporter on his trip to Florida with Emma Alexa for a first taste of Fetish Factory fun... Read more

NEWS||GFB Hamburg 2010

GFB hits Hamburg

A second account by Roswell Ivory and additional galleries with 272 new photos complete our German Fetish Ball report ... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Evolution 2010

Fetish Evolution

“How did you find Essen?” we asked Shirley de Schutter of Rubberluv. By turning right at Belgium, apparently... Read more

NEWS||Festival of Sins

Festival of Sins

With FoS gearing up for an orgy of Gluttony on June 12, Team Binkertson take Pride in showing us what to expect... Read more
NEWS||Berlin Fetish Weekend

Berlin Fetish Wknd

Reporter ‘db’ explains why for him, the more relaxed vibe of this new event was preferable to following the glitz to Hamburg... Read more

NEWS||Torture Garden Birthday 2010

TG Birthday 2010

Bad weather and tight finances may have trimmed numbers at TG’s weekend but the Ball was better for being less crowded... Read more
NEWS||German Fetish Ball 2010

German Fetish Ball

In three weeks, the GFB debuts in Hamburg with a programme that adds an extra day, a Saturday night Ball and partner hotel... Read more

NEWS||Alternative Fashion Week

Alt Fashion Week

Latex labels Am-Statik and Lady Lucie made their first  appearances on London’s Alternative Fashion Week catwalk in April... Read more
NEWS||Heresy ’n’ Heelz

Heresy ’n’ Heelz

H ’n’ H’s first birthday celebrations in March provided the perfect excuse for Dave ‘Darcy’ Edmond to revisit his old home... Read more

NEWS||Bob Carlos Clarke

Bob Carlos Clarke

A second retrospective of the late Bob Carlos Clarke’s photography has just opened in London at the Little Black Gallery... Read more
NEWS||RUB in a new light

RUB in a new light

After moving to The Lightbox and making a few tweaks to the layout, Club RUB was set to celebrate its 13th birthday in April ... Read more

NEWS||AntiChrist March

AntiChrist March

AntiChrist returns to stage one helluva party, with an Alice In Wonderland theme and headliners Sigue Sigue Sputnik... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Evolution 2010

Fetish Evo’s Easter

With more British latex designers, top models and a return to Mudia Art, Germany’s Easter fetish fest could be a classic... Read more

NEWS||TG Valentine’s Ball

TG Valentines Ball

Tony Mitchell arrives at Torture Garden’s packed Valentine’s Ball just in time to see Kaori’s Latex Dreams’ SeOne debut... Read more
NEWS||FoS Lusty Valentine

Lustful Valentine

Lacing Lilith returned to Festival of Sins for a Valentine’s salute to the event that presented their first ever fashion show ... Read more

NEWS||London Edge

London Edge play

Tony Mitchell considers why so few fetish labels participated in February’s alt-fashion trade show London Edge ... Read more
NEWS||FoS: Immorality/Lust

Immorality + Lust

Viktoria Modesta and Am-Statik both impressed at December’s Immorality FoS and now February promises Lust... Read more

NEWS||TG NYE + 2009 review

TG’s NYE and year

A fab end-of-year party that nearly didn’t happen, plus a look at TG’s own review of its successes and failures during 2009... Read more
NEWS||RUB at Lightbox

RUB at Lightbox

For RUB’s move to The Lightbox, MarcusT was commissioned to shoot its next six flyers in one day at the new venue... Read more

NEWS||TG Winter Wonderland

TG Winter Wonder

December partying got off to a flying start with TG’s Christmas special topping London’s bill on the first weekend... Read more
NEWS||FoS Immorality

Immorality ahead!

Surely London’s best value party of the coming weekend, Festival of Sins: Immorality includes music from Viktoria Modesta... Read more

NEWS||Bettie DVDs launch party

Tease DVDs party

The UK DVD release of Bettie Page movies Varietease and Teaserama is celebrated with a party at Madame JoJos... Read more
NEWS||TG Halloween ’09

TG Halloween 2009

TG’s Halloween was a classic kinksters’ night out. Our report features Jane Doe fashion show and audience galleries... Read more

NEWS||Fetish Guerilla Aufstand!

FetishGuerilla rises

Berlin’s FetishGuerilla launches a regular KitKat night in December. Gili Shani’s photos recall FG’s last KitKat party... Read more
NEWS||Bohθme-Noir VI

Bohθme-Noir VI

Bohème-Noir, coming up in November, is a party in real danger of ceasing to be one of Berlin’s best-kept secrets... Read more

NEWS||LFW parties + fair

LFW: Parties + fair

Our photo report on this year’s Xpo-less London Fetish Weekend covers Subversion, Torture Garden, LAM and more... Read more
NEWS||Wedding by Regan

Wedding by Regan

The wedding of Festival of Sins’ May LR and David De Vynél gives great subject matter for Daniel Regan’s camera... Read more

NEWS||La SeXorcisto

Swiss SeXorcisto

Switzerland is not famous for fetish parties but Sexorcisto in Lausanne is hoping to change that, says Swiss model SadEast... Read more
NEWS||Dark Burlesque debut

Dark Burlesque

Veronika Valentine’s Dark Burlesque travelling show launches at the seaside and we’ve added new pix by Dee Bee... Read more

NEWS||Dark Burlesque

Dark Burlesque

Dark Burlesque, a high end travelling burlesque and cabaret show, makes its UK debut next weekend in Hastings... Read more
NEWS||London bond–fest

London bond–fest

June’s London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage was a gamble that paid off for hosts Esinem and Resistance Gallery ... Read more

NEWS||AntiChrist’s 5th

AntiChrist’s Fifth

The promise of a memorable party persuaded a lot more fetish people to join the pvc-erati at AntiChrist’s fifth birthday... Read more
NEWS||FoS – Gluttony

Festival of gluttony

June FoS’s greed theme provided an excuse for some cake-crazed performances, while in the audience, geeks ruled... Read more

NEWS||Japanese rope fest

London rope fest

Resistance Gallery and top rope arists present the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage at the end of June... Read more
NEWS||BoundCon Munich

BoundCon Munich

Uwe Schwinghammer wonders whether Munich’s BoundCon is now set to rival Germany’s ‘big two’ fetish fests... Read more

NEWS||German Fetish Ball

German Fetish 09

Our GFB report looks back on events of the long weekend, with more words and pictures to follow soon... Read more
NEWS||TG Birthday 09

TG Birthday 2009

TG’s Birthday Ball went from shortfall to virtual sell-out in a few days, but Friday’s opener could’ve used more bodies... Read more

NEWS||Crimson launch

Crimson launch

Crimson’s launch clashed with two established London nights, but its rock ’n’ BDSM policy still pulled in a good crowd... Read more
NEWS||TG Birthday 2009

TG Birthday Ball

This weekend, London hosts probably the biggest fetish party weekend in the world. Preview by Dave Edmond... Read more

NEWS||GFB Weekend 2009

GFB 2009 Weekend

We tell you what to expect if you’re one of those pervs descending on Berlin this month for the GFB Weekend... Read more
NEWS||AntiChrist April 09

AntiChrist inApril

This Friday’s “Goth vs Fetish” AntiChrist promises another great night from a club that has confounded critics... Read more

NEWS||Fetish Evolution 2009

Fetish Evo 2009

Essen report by Tony Mitchell and Dave Edmond: Models & Makers reception, Expo/Art Bizarre, Pre-Party and Ball... Read more
NEWS||Club RUB's 12th Birthday

Club RUB turns 12

Still not quite a teenager, Club RUB has become a beloved institution on the London fetish club scene. MarcusT looks back ... Read more

NEWS||AntiChrist Feb 09

AntiChrist February

AntiChrist celebrated its success as London’s goth/fetish crossover club with a stunning suspension show by AMF Korsets... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Evolution 09

Fetish Evolution 09

Fetish Evolution is about to liven up Easter in Essen again, with a rearranged schedule to avoid any Good Friday nonsense... Read more

NEWS||StripLite Dictators

StripLite Dictators

Chrys Columbine and Frank Sanazi brought very different styles of entertainment to London’s first StripLite of 2009... Read more
NEWS||Adventures of Gwendoline

Adventurous Gwen

Revived for a short season, The Adventures of Gwendoline has taken temporary residence at a private London club... Read more

NEWS||Revolution vs Nui Night

Berlin Revolution

Berlin’s Fetish Guerilla Revolution and NuiNight team up at the KitKat Club to host the warm-up for Bohème-Noir... Read more
NEWS||Torture Garden NYE

TG New Year’s Ball

Torture Garden’s sell-out New Year’s Eve Ball was a recession-defying mix of  wild stage shows and frenzied partying... Read more

NEWS||LA Kink Fetish Weekend

LA Kink Weekend

Robert Fluty has dropped the Ball: his Los Angeles fetish fest returns mid-February with a name change for its third outing  ... Read more
NEWS||Festival of Sins: Greed

Festival of Greed

FoS has been cycling through the seven deadly sins for 18 months, and arrived at greed for its final outing of 2008... Read more

NEWS||StripLite: Eat Me

StripLite: Eat Me

Striplite on the last Friday of every month is a club where we’ve come to feel very welcome, thanks to May, Nathan and co... Read more
NEWS||Southern Exposure + NZ Fetish Ball

Kiwis get kinky

Our New Zealand correspondent, LilDevil, fills us in on the Southern Exposure conference and the Sin City Fetish Ball... Read more

NEWS||Subversion’s 4th

Subversion’s 4th

Some people have cake and candles, but there was rather more on offer at Subversion’s 4th birthday party... Read more
NEWS||Erotica 2008

Erotica 08, London

Erotica may not be a fetish event, but it attracts a substantial number of fetish firms. And TG were back as show producers... Read more

NEWS||Erotica 2008

Erotica adds Sluts

Satanic Sluts Extreme are a last-minute addition at Erotica, which opens in London at noon on Friday November 21... Read more
NEWS||Xpo fashion credits

Xpo fashion models

Designer and model credits for our 2008 Xpo fashion shows, complete Saturday galleries, and EmmaJ’s director’s angle... Read more

NEWS||Martin Pelzer’s LFW

Pelzer’s LFW pix!

This fine LFW portfolio by the Berlin photographer and Fetish Guerilla includes first Subversion and TG galleries ... Read more
NEWS||FF Halloween Ball

FF Halloween Ball

Fetish Factory’s legendary Halloween Fetish Ball returns to Pompano Beach’s Club Cinema for this year’s big party... Read more

NEWS||Friday Xpo diary

Friday Xpo diary

First impressions of the Xpo’s opening day, from photo calls to fashion shows, from multi-taskers Josselin and Sarah... Read more
NEWS||Xpo backstage

Xpo unsung heroes

We celebrate the work of our Fashion At The Barbican backstage team with a peek inside the models’ dressing room... Read more

NEWS||LFW: Fetishistas Cocktails

Fetishistas party

London Fetish Weekend got off to a grand start with The Fetishistas’ Movers, Shakers & Stirrers Cocktail Party... Read more
NEWS||TG Summer Ball

TG Summer Ball

Torture Garden’s Summer Ball pulled a crowd many a club would die for in August. Sarah and Josselin were there... Read more

NEWS||London Fetish Weekend

London Fetish Wkd

Our comprehensive guide to all the events that are part of the first London Fetish Weekend in October, including ticket sales... Read more

StripLite’s cakefest

From the people behind Festival of Sins, StripLite is another new monthly London event offering something different... Read more

NEWS||Resistance Gallery opens

Resistance Gallery

London welcomes Resistance Gallery, a new fetish-friendly venue hosting everything from kink to corporate... Read more
NEWS||Batcave revisited

Batcave revisited

London’s seminal Batcave club, an early haven for those with fetish leanings, is revived for one night by the AntiChrist people... Read more

NEWS||GFB by Pelzer

Martin Pelzer’s GFB

Martin Pelzer offers his personal view of Berlin’s big weekend with this portfolio from the German Fetish Ball ... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Factory 13

Fetish Factory 13

It’s not easy to find something new to say about a pervy weekend that unerringly delivers such a good time every year... Read more


Wasteland in April

A stalwart of the LA scene and a regular face at London events, Veronica had not been to a party in Amsterdam before... Read more
NEWS||German Fetish Ball

GFB 2008 Berlin

The German Fetish Ball once again attracted an international crowd with its roster of parties, shopping and more parties... Read more

NEWS||TG Birthday Ball

TG Birthday Ball

Torture Garden’s Birthday biggie seen through the eyes of Anglo- French team Sarah Whittaker and Josselin Guichard... Read more
NEWS||TG/Fetishistas pix

TG Friday studio

Gothic Image studio pix from the TG/Fetishistas International Fetish Ball that launched this year’s TG Birthday Weekend ... Read more

NEWS||Alternative Fashion Week

Alt Fashion Week

Latex style from the wild and way-out to the truly wearable took London’s Alternative Fashion Week by storm... Read more
NEWS||AntiChrist Feb 08

AntiChrist February

Given the success of Club AntiChrist’s launch in November, Roswell Ivory couldn’t resist February’s follow-up... Read more

NEWS||Fetish Evolution 08

Fetish Evolution 08

Tony Mitchell gets a taste of Europe’s first big fetish fest of the year, as pervs from around the world party in Essen... Read more
NEWS||Passion show

Passion in May

100 companies including many fetish firms are set to exhibit at London’s Passion adult show in May 2008... Read more

NEWS||LA KinkBall 2008

LA KinkBall 2008

The second LA KinkBall Weekend in mid-February proved what a great location LA is for major international pervery... Read more
NEWS||Club RUB Jan 08

RUB Army Jan ’08

Club RUB's military and uniforms night in January was our first chance to check out new venue Parker McMillan... Read more

NEWS||West Coast Fetish Ball

West Coast Ball

Online retail giant Stockroom.com and its fetish fashion arm Syren sponsored the new Annual West Coast Fetish Ball in LA... Read more
NEWS||Perved-up in Paris + London

Paris-London Xmas

Jan FetishClubPix promises words and pictures from Paris and London's big Christmas fetish parties any day now ... Read more

NEWS||Masque III dinner

Masque III at El Cid

LA’s kinky dinner-cabaret night finds a venue befitting its ambitions at Hollywood’s historic El Cid Dinner Theater... Read more
NEWS||Soho book launch

Soho book launch

London perverati head down to Amora, the city’s new erotic museum, for the launch of a pair of pervy books... Read more

NEWS||AntiChrist launch

AntiChrist debut

Club AntiChrist arrived in November to offer a new kind of alternative nightlife experience in London’s West End ... Read more
NEWS||Rubber Ball Weekend

Skin Two overview

Eros Zine columnist Bongo Knight provide us with an American visitor’s perspective on the whole Rubber Ball Weekend... Read more

NEWS||TG Halloween 2007

TG Halloween 2007

A sold-out crowd of 1,850 haunted Brixton's old St Matthew’s Church, including the crypt, for TG’s celebration ... Read more
NEWS||Subversion’s 3rd Birthday

Subversion Turns 3

London's newest old-established fetish club turned three at the start of November, after a rather nomadic existence... Read more

NEWS||Festival of Sins

Festival of Sins

Fast becoming known as London’s most debauched variety night, Festival of Sins had its third outing last month... Read more
NEWS||Xpo exhibitors

Xpo exhibitionists

Our second Xpo reports focuses on the exhibitors whose presence made it an unrivalled shopping experience ... Read more

NEWS||Kinky Couture exhibition

Emma’s kink show

On the eve of London’s big fetish weekend, La Galleria hosted the launch party for its Emma Delves- Broughton exhibition... Read more
NEWS||Xpo Barbican

Barbican triumph

Our first 2007 RB Weekend report celebrates the success of the Xpo Barbican and its Fetishistas’ fashion shows... Read more

NEWS||Fetish Factory Halloween

Florida Halloween

Fetish Factory will hold what promises to be another unmissable kinky Halloween party at the end of October... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Con

Fetish Con 2007

Michael Diamond survives a long weekend’s partying in August in sunny Florida to send this report from Fetish Con... Read more

NEWS||Underground Catwalk

Underground style

Opening day of the recent Berlin Fashion Week saw an alternative show staged beneath the city’s streets... Read more
NEWS||Kink ITC 8

Kink8 preview

If you don’t know by now what Kink In The Caribbean is, where’ve you been for the last seven years — on a desert island?... Read more


Fetish Factory’s 12

In words and images Steve Mars paints a vivid portrait of Fetish Factory’s 12th annual fetish showstopper ... Read more
NEWS||Clinic Weekend

Amsterdam’s Clinic

Slutty Latex Boy, who performed at Saturday's Party with Empress Victoria and Dante Posh, recalls his adventures ... Read more

NEWS||GFB Weekend 07

German FBW 2007

The German Fetish Ball Weekend again attracted pervs from around the world to Berlin. Fetish Ball galleries now added!... Read more

ForePlay launch

To mark our UK launch, The Fetishistas threw a party called ForePlay. Gothic Image ForePlay gallery now added!... Read more

NEWS||TG Birthday '07

TG Birthday 2007

12 years after his last visit to London, Fakir Musafar was guest of honour at TG’s Birthday Ball. New galleries! ... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Evolution

Fetish Evolution

Judy Wallis decides to blow her wad on a trip to Essen at Easter to experience Germany’s ‘other’ big fetish weekend... Read more

NEWS||Torture Garden Weekender

Fakir for TG Ball

TG’s Birthday Weekender in London on May 18-20 pulls off a coup with two performances by Fakir Musafar... Read more
NEWS||LA Kink Ball Weekend

LA Kink Ball

Los Angeles perverati turned out in force for Slave2Fashion, the opening night of the first LA Kink Ball Weekend... Read more

NEWS||2009 major event calendar

2009 Calendar of Major Fetish Events

... Read more
NEWS||Dec 08 - Jan 09 Listings

Dec-Jan Listings

... Read more

NEWS||GFB Weekend 06

German FBW 2006

Set to enjoy its fourth outing in Berlin this May, the German Fetish Ball weekend has quickly established itself as... Read more
NEWS||Fetish Factory 11th Anniversary

Fetish Factory 11th

When my Virgin Atlantic flight landed in Miami a few days before Fetish Factory’s 11 Year Anniversary weekend... Read more

NEWS||Absolute Kink

Absolute Kink

Staging a new four-day fetish fest in April in Amsterdam, so close to Europe’s other big spring 2006 events, was quite ... Read more